I remember this one time when I was like 7, my dad came home super drunk and he started breaking our stairs and punching holes through the wall. And I was with my mom watching him, and at one point he and I made eye contact and he threw a piece of the stair at me and my mom pushed me away so it didn't hit me. It scared me so much, and it still does.
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I had a time in 7th grade when a brought home a bad report card. My dad was already tanked up and got super pissed. I tried to run, where I thought I was going I don't know. My dad chased me down and in the process he ripped my shirt off of me. Eventually I was caught, pants ripped down, and for a solid five minutes the bare *** hard spanking was on. Drunks have no idea how hard they hit when they are tanked.

How do you break stairs? Lol

Idk, I just remember walking into the hall and all the stairs being ripped by him. (They are made of wood)