My Dad Drink's, to Much

I am only 16 and I can see that his drinking problem is destroyng our family. You would think that he could see it, beause he thinks that our whole family is out to get us, but he can't undetand it because he drinks from the second he gets up to the moment he goes to bed.
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5 Responses May 29, 2009

My dad still drinks, a lot, but he isn't as bad now.

i have an alcoholic dad too...and i think i am gonna go to guidence tomorrow...the thing is that my dad already hit rock bottom when i was in 6th grade he got a dui...and i thought that would b it and it would stop but it has gotten worse...he drinks everyday about 5 or 6 beers per day...and my biggest fear is that he wont be so lucky next time...or i will be in the car next time...and i am afraid of becoming one myself...because that is what he does when he is stressed out then he just comes home and we get into fights about the littlest things...and afterwards now more and more i can feel myself wanting a beer...and i am only 14

I would but then the drinking would win in destroying my faimly and I won't let that happen

That is bad drinking. Get out as soon as you can, to a safe enviroment.

Hey i understand you my father has a drinking problem and is a alcoholic when i was younger he abused us to no end but i got out of it. The only way is for him to hit his bottom and that could be anything. If you need to talk ill listion