My Father Just Gave Me This Bizarre Call About A Month Ago And ...........

he told me to wish him a happy 42nd wedding anniversary and I said what are you talking about "he has been divorced from my mother for the past 30 years" and he said he has been married to my mother for 42 years I said to him you ended the relationship with a mistress and always put the family in financial turmoil and as I remember he was miserable man he always fought about the littlest thing and admitted he didn't like being married. Between him and my mother they are both people who just come out and say stupid things to people without thinking or considering other peoples feelings I am not a doormat or someone that can take this anymore. My mother put me in the middle of their divorce about 8 years ago because she was seeking divorce papers so she could marry her boyfriend and kept calling my house at least once a day I got in touch with my father and left numerous messages until I finally got to him and he said it is at the courthouse and I found out no one has any records of divorce.  My father and mother both need a wake up call and stop putting me in the middle of feuds and using me as a scapegoat they are both irresponsible people and not only screwed up their own lives but mine as well.  If anyone has any advise please do not hesitate to tell me I need a good listener and someone who is compassionate. Dee

Bella70 Bella70
41-45, F
Mar 4, 2010