What I Need To Do?

Hello, I am writing because I do not know how to act or react to this situation?Currently I live with my mother, she is 60years old, she is sociologist and she is retired since 5 years ago. Currently My mother and I live together; my father live 500km away from here and my parents are not separated, is only by the work that my father needs to live far from my house. He tries to stay as much time as possible in home, but occasionally is quite difficult. My older brother is 29 and he live alone, near to my house. My brother is quite strange and he is not accustomed to visit us. 

My mother is a very good and nice person, quite smart and with a big heart; unfortunately, she had to live many difficult situations such as the lost of his pet sister (15years ago), the lost of our older brother (9years ago) and currently the lost of my grandparent. I know that she had to deal with many difficult situations, but nowadays, she use these situations as a pretexts to justify their alcoholism. When my aunt died, my mother stars to drink in a very strange way, and now she no longer cares more about how it looks to others. She spends long periods drinking in my house and one time, few years ago, she slipped from the stairs of my old house and broke her arm, because she was totally drink.

I am 27 years old, and I am thinking in go to live to another place, very far from my house, and obviously I am quite worry because I do not know what to do with my mother? Today in the morning, I tried to talk with her, trying to convince her to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, but she answered me that she is happy as it is and that she do not want to change. I want to know what to do, because there are occasions when I do not know how to act and when I realized I am telling her reproaches, and making her feel bad.

I would like that somebody could help me, because I really want to help my mom. Every people who knows her said that she is a very nice person and I am convinced that is it, but only when she is sober, because when she is drinking, she acts in a very violent way and starts to scream and starts to be angry by everything.

I really appreciate your help with my problem, and I really hope that anybody could help me. By the way, sorry by my spelling, but I am not as good as I wanted in the use of English language, so I hope that you understand my point. Thank you very much.
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my mom did not start drinking until she was older as well - and it's been 10 years and only gotten worse - and I have been forced to realize there is nothing I can do. I cannot make her stop. I cannot help her if she refuses to help herself. I love her, I support her when I can, but I no longer let her addiction consume my life. We are no longer best friends and that is by fault of the disease. It breaks my heart but I have to take care of myself and my family. Good luck to you - the hardest part is finding that boundary line of you or her. When to help, when to let go. You will find it in your own way, in your own time.