my mum is an alcoholic, i have the best dad in the world and i have an amazing sister who is in uni. my dad and my sister are amazing and i am so lucky to have them. i know that there ar people who are in worse situations than me but its still not nice to be in the situation i am in, but i think i cope okay most of the time, but then i have these moments where i think that i am not coping at all i am just pretending it doesn't happen and then it all gets on top of me and i end up taking my anger out on someone i love. and the worst part is i cant tell who ever it is that i take it out on, why i am frustrated and angry so they end up thinking i am just being difficult. if i am honest the only thing that keeps me going sometimes is the thought of getting out someday and final having my own life that i can take anywhere rather than being tied down by my mother.
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1 Response Apr 28, 2012

I hope everything has calmed down at home with your mother. I have been an alcoholic, or ALMOST, I could go days, weeks perhaps, without a drink but if I opened a bottle of wine to go with my evening meal it would all go before I went to bed. I now find I can make a bottle last six meals, one glass per night, and then again go weeks without buying another. I won't say it was an easy thing to do but I am proud of my adjustment.