Im So Tired Of The Booze And My Mom

Im 48 and Mom is 82. My Dad left her after 54 years of marriage because of her drinking and I got stuck with her. She is perfectly happy sitting home all day every day drinking and smoking. She has 0 friends and 0 social activities. She expects my son and i to sit at home day in day out and wait on her. She gets angry when we do anything for ourselves. Its been like this for almost 2 years since my Dad left. She has emphysema, Atrial Fib, Congestive heart failure and needs heart surgery but is too sick to have it. She still drinks daily. Its disgusting. Shes getting mean and hateful too....I need to simply put her in a home and be done with it. I sometimes wish she would just die...I know that sounds horrible, but she is miserable and hateful and cant walk anymore and has to have 6 LPM of oxygen just to stay alive....Im so tired and I just want my life back. I dont want to care for her anymore.
Mercgal Mercgal 46-50, F 1 Response Aug 28, 2012

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Please do whats best for her and you dont allow her to stay there while she is drinking or intoxicated. I know its hard. Going thought the same thing and so far this is the most sucess ful. At first she just got worse but then she was forced into a program so she could stay in a home and get better. ... or shes old enough to be put in a nursing home ... cant drink there either =]