The Troubles Of Living With An Alcoholic Mom As A Teen

My name is Jacob, and this all started in the 7th grade summer of 2010. I would come home from my football practice to find my mom with a glass of wine next to her (empty) and her passed out in her bed or on the floor. As a kid I was totally sheltered, to the point of which I didn't really even know what alcohol did to you. I was just this happy go lucky kid who didn't see any evil in the world. This went on for the rest of the summer, come home from football and see her like this.

Now, I'm in the eight grade, my mom is still going at it, and I'm scared to death. Countless times I would stay home from school, even if it meant I had to miss a test I would stay home to make sure that she didn't drink her self to death. I'd stay by her bedside crying my eyes out asking her, begging her just to please stop what she was doing and go back to the mother that she was. She was the kind of mother that would do anything that she could to make us happy, meaning that she would let me, my brother, and my sister have a friend over after school every day. She would take us to the park if we wanted too and at the end of the day she was always there for us providing us support and endless love. Now she sits in the back of the house drinking til she passes out. To be honest, I don't even know why she binges like she does.

Now, its Freshman year, I'm in high school. My friends are starting to stop talking to me because all of this stress that i have built up in me is changing me as a person. I start to notice that I am just getting angry for no reason and I am starting to not preform like I should in the class room. In middle school I was a 4.0 GPA student now i find my self getting a 2.2GPA in the first semester in my freshman year. The next semester I tell myself "I am better then this, I can do this". I got this thought that maybe if I don't see my mom the stress wont be there. So, for the second semester of freshman year I stayed at a friends house 3-5 times a week and something magical happened... My grades went up. From a 2.2 to a 3.0. I do understand that a 3.0GPA is nothing to brag about, but for me that was freaking sweet. Now the summer is over and I'll be a sophomore this year (2012-2013 school year). And I'm just hoping to make the most out of it and get after it in the class room.

To some, my story means nothing, to others its not comparable to what they are going through, but to the few who actually care I thank you for understanding my story. I have left a lot out (for good reason), but these are the main things I wanted to address. From reading all of your Blogs i now know that I am not alone. To people reading this, if you want to talk about living with an alcoholic parent, or anything of that nature feel free to hit me up on Facebook ( Just add me and send me a message.
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2 Responses Sep 3, 2012

I'm so glad to hear that your grades are going up. I have had a lot of trouble in school due to my mum's drinking. Always been a really good student, but last year I failed in a couple of subjects and it just all fell apart towards the end of the year. This year isn't starting too well, but I'm hoping I'll get through it. <br />
I know what it's like to be really really scared that something's going to happen to your mum. I used to be terrified of coming home to her and discovering that she'd hurt herself in some way or another. <br />
Thanks for your story, take care. :)

thankyou for sharing. I myself have alot of alcoholics in my family, including me. I am a mother of 2 and have struggled with it since I was a teenager. Though I have never gotten to that point of staying in my room and drinking all day, it gave me something to think about and made me want to do better for my children to prevent them from going through what you have. I do like to drink regularly and have made alot of mistakes in my life because of it. When you are able and can get away on your own, you should because as harsh as it seems you have your own life to live and shouldnt be kept to live the misery of someone elses addictions.