Alcohol Kills.

I am 22.
For my entire life my parents were addicted to something. At first is was Meth, but when I got taken away from them, my mother quit. I was too young to know, but a while after this my mom started drinking. She was a bartender and her father was also a bad alcoholic. This was when I was around 10 I'd say. My parents were crazy, let me tell you! They always fought, not normal fights, but the kind where the cops get called every other day. My father hit my mom, my mom hit my dad. He broke her arm with a hammer. He abused me sometimes too, but not nearly as bad as her. Yet she always stayed with him. He would disappear for days without warning because he was still on Meth, and my mom would always take him back. Anyways, I understand why my mom drank. Then when I got around 16 or so, I knew my mom had a real problem, and my older brother did too. They were both alcoholics! Needless to say, this was insanity. My brother got psycho when he drank, always trying to kill himself, threatening to kill me and my mom, breaking windows and going to jail about 20 times. My mom kept drinking her jack Daniels. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom more than anything, but she did not know how to deal with life. She had money, good money, but she never did a thing for herself. We moved to a nice house after her and my dad divorced, but she wouldn't even buy herself furniture, clothes, ANYTHING! I raised my younger brother, because my mom would be drunk. Too drunk to cook him breakfast, drive him to school. Me and my mother got in some crazy fights as well, and we both have said things we never should have. I regret those things now. When I was 21 my mom paid for an apartment for me in a town 8 hours away so I could go to school. Despite her flaws, she still did so much for me. When I went away to school, she got worse. She drank so much she would not answer my calls. The Dr. told her if she kept drinking she would die. There were numerous trips to the hospital because the alcohol had destroyed her veins in her throat and she was bleeding internally. Finally, after throwing up blood so bad she almost died, she decided to go to rehab. I talked to her every day while she was in there, and she sounded like she was ready to live her life. I spoke to her on Dec. 4 last year, and she promised to call me when she got home because she was finished with her 2 month program. We said I love you, and thats the last time I talked to her. When she didn't call the next day, I figured she was just tired. I called and my older brother said "Oh moms being dramatic, I think she got pneumonia from someone at rehab.. I'll have her call you later". Then my phone died and I didn't charge it until the next morning. When I finally got around to charging it, I had a voicemail from my uncle saying my mom was in the hospital and it wasn't looking good. When I called, he didn't tell me much but that I should come there. I knew it was serious because that was an 8 hour drive. The whole way there I was crying and praying and thinking it could't be real, but when I got there my mother was yellow and puffy. She looked so frail laying there, and she was on a bunch of machines. She couldn't respond to me. It tore my heart to shreds when my little brother( he is only 11), was holding her hand and screaming/crying for her not to die. He said "who is going to teach me to drive!?" Don't die! You can't imagine the pain I was feeling seeing that. About an hour later my mom died. Just like that. She may have been ready to start new, but her body just gave up on her. Alcohol killed my mother, and she was only 45. I pray that this story can touch somebody who has an alcohol problem, so they can get help before it is too late. And those with an alcoholic parent, I truly feel your pain <3
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I found this story a great help. I hope you are all coping ok now. My mother is an alcoholic. She has been for as long as I can remember and I am now nearly 26. My child hood wasn't the best. Recently my mother has been very ill however she just won't stop drinking. It is slow suicide. It's horrible to see. If I mention drinking or help to her she just goes mad and denies any drinking. I'm really struggling to cope now! She is now 59 and I don't think she has much longer to live!

what was the final diagnosis?
Mom is young also - 54. She has so many health problems, most related to alcohol. It is slow suicide. My thoughts are with you and your brothers. Stay strong.