My Hero, My Former Alcoholic Mother.

All my life up until last year, I always had something to hide. My mother was a heavy heavy alcoholic. I didn't understand why, or what the purpose was of drinking. I would dread being home alone with her, or worry when she was at home alone with my two little sisters. I couldn't stand the yelling, screaming, and abusing.All of her family even(my aunts, grandparents) were indenial, but it was nothing out of the ordinary to not be invited to family outings because of her. I was embarrassed, but mostly I hurt inside. Once i hit 11, all I wanted was my mom.In return, I would get hit with TV dinners, or pushed and shoved around. Later on, I figured it was best to do what I was told, and stay out of her path.All in the meanwhile holding back my sisters and comforting when their screaming, wondering what had happened to their mom.I would learn that having friends over was something that should be strongly avoided. My dad never really wanted to stick around when she got drunk, so he was pretty much always ''working'' or going out playing baseball with his friends. I never really saw the sober side of her, except sometimes.I knew under the alcohol was my mommy, the one with the big heart, cared about everyone, and the only one i could really confide in.One day, like any other day, I did one of the best mistakes of my life. I went out after school, the second to last day of my freshmen year in high school, and I drank some skyy vodka with some of my friends, in public at the marina may I add. The police found out, sent me to the ER, went to my house to inform my mom, but hey, she was drunk too. For some reason they took her to jail, 5 days later(since it was a weekend, and THEN a holiday) She came home.She finally realized that i could be going down the same path she did. Before this, nothing worked. Since June 15, 2006, My mother has been a sober person. I could NOT be so happy and love her soo much as I do now.
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That's amazing.

This made me smile immediately. I'm so glad you got your mum back, I wish you every happiness in the world, I can only imagine how you feel!

Congrats, that's awesome!!!!

Im also very happy for you AND your mother. I just wish they could all be like that but sadly its not always the case is it. <br />
Right now my mams down stairs in her room after us having a fight. Think shes got a bottle of wine down there too. This group is so good for my confidence and is helping me to understand other peoples situations<br />
<br />
Good luck

You are VERY lucky! I'm 39 and my mothers been a binge alcoholic my entire life....jekyl and hyde type of personality with the drinking. I just wrote her a letter last week that I no longer want to speak to her and the only way that I will EVER speak to her again is if she is alcohol free for 1 year and has a AA sponsor, that's it. And I" know" she won't do it, so she's on her own now, she has her alcoholic spouse and together they make a perfect dysfunctional pair, but I want it out of my life for good.....I'm tired of it.

I am happy for you! My mother thought she was sober for 12 years but not really. She never liked meetings but she did well going to therapy but she stopped. She started drinking again and I don't like what it does to her personality. I hate that she could be so wonderful and so stupid at the same time. It would be much easier to not love my mom if she was just a jerk. She is not. She is killing herself with alcohol. Society thinks it's just fine too. Never mind that my mother was medically detoxed from alcohol when I was 16. My mom had the "DT"s . To me, it's like she is doing heroin.

Congratulations on a happy ending - mine was not so happy just over 10 years ago my mother died ultimalety from years of struggle with and a severely broken down body from alcohol abuse in reaction to the pain in her life

I'm waiting for my mom to die...drinking 24/7, barely eating... She's 63 and has abused her body for so long...I can't believe she's still alive. If you don't mind me asking, what was your mom's ultimate cause of death? My mom has pancreatitis and I know her liver enzymes are elevated.