My Drunk Mum

Coming to this site, reading some of your guys posts has really made me look at her. Yes she is not as bad, yes she is not as embarassing etc. But still my mother gets drunk probably 5 outta 7 days...she does the whole "i am sad" "i am lonely". My father gives her whatever she needs but still she keeps drinking....she says things like "i wanted you to die at birth" "i hate you" " i never watned u as a child i wish you were dead" etc.........she is not always drunk like alot of these other stories but she does what she does 5 days a week on RED. I have had to battle this (and it is a battle) since i was about 8 years old...the amount of times i have had to get my mum off the toilet and off the couch...its not good for a 12 year old to have to see his mother all out gettin her off the toilet and having to put her to bed...i dunno

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2 Responses Oct 8, 2009

Please, that is not right. I am a mom who drinks too much and I would never say that to my sons. Don't ever believe you are worthless, your mom really needs to get help for herself.

You're a strong boy!