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My mom was an alcoholic most of my life. I remember when she would get so drunk that she would tell me to stay in my room, because I was being a bad little girl. She wouldn't feed me when she was drunk that was most nights. I would sometimes go hungry all weekend, until I went to school. I was always scared of my mom she did stop for a little bit but that was only when she was preganat with my little sister. And right when she had her she started drinking again. I remember when I was sixteen I had to send her to rehab and that put me and my little sister in my aunt and uncles care. That was so hard, my mom was still mad at me for doing that. But I had to I wanted to help my mom, because she never helped me and now she can't help me. She did stop though for more then a year. I was so proud of her, then she got sick and passed away. I did help my mom in a way but I think I waited to long to help her.

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Oh honey, you did so much for your mom and you were so young. I was in a similar situation growning up, but my dad was the alcoholic. My mother was emotionally sicker than my dad and she didn't drink. She was neglectful and abusive. My father never hit hit me. He said some pretty nasty stuff though. You have done more for your mom than adults twice your age. It must have been hard being a parent to your mom when you were the one who needed to be taken care of and loved. I admire you very much. Love to you.

This is what worries me! I'm 16 and have been trying to persuade my dad to get mum into a rehab but he's reluctant and I worry we're running out of time - if it hasn't ran out already!

Please Listen to me....It was not your fault....It was not your fault....It was not your fault. You are not telepathic are you? Could you see into the future? You're not suppose to take care of your mother, she's suppose to care for you...love you....feed you...clothe you and keep you safe. You deserved a mother who took care of your needs...you never got enough love and you deserved it. Your mother was an alcoholic and alcoholics are self-centered. You should be proud of yourself for being so self-less and despite retaliation you got her some help....I don't have a problem with addicts who fight to beat their addiction. I admire them. I have a problem with the many who never do anything about it, such as my own father. You can't deal rationally with an irrational person, especially a drunk one.

I am sorry for your loss, you did the right thing ! Don't think for a minute that you did the wrong thing cause you didn't, my mom is usauly always intoxicated I like never see her sober! So I know where you are coming from and I know that it is hard ! But as you get older and have children mabey you could learn from her mistakes that's how I'm gonna look at it when I'm an adult !

I am telling you now that I am an only child with a mother that has been drunk my whole life too. the longest she has been sober in my life is 3 months. I know how you feel and recently left her and she is trying to sabatoge my happiness with her drunken wicked behaviour. She has been to rehab, mental health centres, aa and help groups but nothing helps and she always goes back to drinking. I live in ontario and there is nothing I can do unless she wants the help which she doesn't. I cannot do anything about helping her, I tried for so long and now she is just spitting in my face. I am sorry about what you went through but know that it isn't your fault.

it wasent your place to be so burdend with this ,,it's to bad your aunt's or uncles stood by and did nothing but watch your child hood be denied and you had to become mother,, im sorry you were cheated out of that,, i was some what also. my step father was a selfish jerk, after my sister left home i had to be the voice of reason at 10 years of age,, my mother was weak. you did a wonderfull thing for your mom, even though it wasent your responcibility.. im sorry i truly am.

I don't know what to say. It must be very hard for you to not have lost a parent at such a young age . It is a shame you lost her just as she was starting to get better.