She started out as a character for a roleplay (because I REALLY like roleplaying) and turned into my sadistic alter ego. I'll start with a description: Tall, around five foot seven, waist-length dusky blonde hair. She. keeps her hair in a .braid, which is then twisted into a bun and secured with a gold circle around the base. She's thin, and her features are delicate. She has high cheekbones. Her eyes are a greyed-out purple, and she wears a white or black slightly form-fitting tanktop with either green or brown cargo pants and dark brown combat boots. Now that I'm done describing her appearance, we can move on. She and I have a symbiotic relationship, she protects me and helps me out in life while I allow her to be my alter ego. I know it sounds strange. I can't remember the first time I met her. Svetlana is essentially the personification of my wrath. The other day I was so mad I could see myself (in my head, just to clarify) snapping the girl's neck. My friends said my eyes were turning purple when I asked them. And yesterday was when she helped me. My friend had lost her other friend at a concert, so I asked Moskva (her formal name is Svetlana) where the girl was, and Moskva lead us right to her. I thanked her a lot. Did I mention Moskva's a fan of butter knives?
ThirdZen ThirdZen
13-15, F
May 19, 2012