It All Started With A Hurricane...

I started college this past August, and didn't know many people at my new campus. I was 2 and a half hours away from my hometown and was using this opportunity to start over. I planned on making a new life here where I could be the mature, confident, driven boho chic college student I so desperately wanted to be back home. I started my first semester as an art major.

I knew my room mate from high school. We were in choir together, so we were pretty close. Arriving at school, Cass, my roommate, was so excited to meet a man and start a relationship here. I just wanted to get popular. I "dated", and by "dated" I mean a couple one night stands, but I had absolutely no desire for a relationship. I had spent the last four years of my life in three serious relationships and was never single for more than a month. I needed time for myself for once.

Around the end of August, Hurricane Issac was heading for us, and I had nowhere to go when they evacuated the campus. Desperate for a safe place, I asked a boy I met at orientation (who I barely knew) if I could stay there. He was a Christian and immediately said yes. I was so grateful...especially since I thought he wanted me. Instant turn on.

I get to their house and he introduces me to his roommates. Chris, Justin, David, Alex, and Rob. We started pounding drinks, and didn't stop. We were all so drunk, falling all about the place. I playfully flirted around with the guys, joked with girls. I became more accepted in that house than my friend who lived there. On the first night, I noticed Rob drinking wine out the bottle. He was adorable, simply put. Classically rugged. 6'5" and 300 pounds. He was wearing an old t-shirt and shorts with raggedy flip flops. He had shaggy brown hair that matched his scruffy brown beard and glasses. He introduced himself with a story about a night of crazy wild hate sex which I found hilarious. The rest of the night we took shots and drank and talked about art, movies, relationships, sex, and our dreams and futures. He had never been in love except once, and the girl broke his heart. I slept in my friend's bed that night.

This repeated every day for the next four days. I was making no progress with my friend. He was snuffing off all advances. Come to find out, he's abstinent. Big deal breaker. Rob and I were closer than anyone. On the fifth night, I was laying down after a long day of drinking with Rob. My friend kicked me out of his bed, so I start to crash on the couch. I couldn't get tired, so Alex and I went out for a smoke. He tells me that Rob really likes me and they had actually made an elaborate scheme for me to fall for Rob. I realized suddenly the connection he and I shared the past few days. I go to his room. I lay in his roommate's bed and we were chatting. I crawled up next to him, and we were cuddling. He sang a beautiful Italian aria, and before I knew it, we were having sex. The most passionate, steamy sex on the floor of his room without electricity. The heat of the south Louisiana air crept through the open windows, dancing on the moonlight shining through his blinds.

We dated for a week after. On August 30th, he asked me out. I was in my dorm, and we were on the phone. He told me "Do me a favor?" I said "Sure!" He said "Click yes?" I received a Facebook notification to accept Rob as my Facebook official boyfriend. It's been almost 5 months now. The happiest 5 months of my life. Rob is everything I want. He's just so...wonderful. Funny. Smart. Spontaneous. Just so... Rocking:)

He mentioned a dream he had. He and I were in a music building in an unknown university (note: he was a music major, recently changed to history, but is still in a music frat). His brothers called him into a room where a meeting was being held (I can't know what happened in the meeting because it was one of the secret things they do in real life) but when he came out from the meeting, I was wearing his letters. Apparently in Sinfonia, the act of giving a girl your letters is a sign that you plan on marrying her. I think this relationship is just too good to be true. He's everything to me, I know we haven't been together long. But he knows me like no one else does. I really do think we're going to make it :)
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I'm sure you to will make it! That was the most beautiful story i've seen!