Because They Deserve Recognition.

i have two amazing friends, both on here. they are possibly the closest people to my true self i know. they know all my secrets and stare wide eyed into my soul without judging what they find.

i have let others into my heart and mind before only to find that they judge what they find in there. they take what they need and leave. as i grow and trim all the dead wood from my life, i come to value the contributions of those who have made it through the walls into the inner sanctum where the people i completely trust live.

and because friendships are reciprocal, they are the two most beautiful people i've gazed into, ever. they have a light, a dark light about each of them that is made of strength and vulnerability combined. i would do ANYTHING for them. they can have a kidney each.

this is for you twin, and for the giver of texty msn love.


chairmanmeow chairmanmeow
22-25, F
2 Responses Sep 30, 2008

Awesome, CM...I love connections like that and I congratulate you for finding two...for me they're lifelong connections and they are one component of what makes life worth living.

*takes her kidney and runs* ... no words for this, miss b. only to say that i find our amazing friendship even more amazing because it took so little for it to spur into life. xx