Starting as of right now,
I WILL NOT ADD you to my circle if you are an established user and have no stories.
I NEVER add Violent or diaper folk!
Don't rant about an Ex, we've all had one!

The general exceptions will be people who ---

1. Have lots of compatible experiences
2. Have at least one story written, (a good one)
3. Is consistent in their activity, (regular contributions)
4. Has more than 10 friends. (Newbies get grace period)
5. Have posted own pix, or aspirational images.


Anyone who knows me, (as much as you can know someone on social media) will tell you that I listen, I'm respectful, I only use my own photo's, and I share my stories. So I'm sorry if this affects you, but I'd become a fraud to myself if I didn't act.
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1 Response Aug 24, 2014

Just for the record - all of my photos are of me and my lover and are genuine. By the way your photos are fantastic.

Thank you, I have so few, family around too much it seems💋