My Two Cousins Are Becoming Such Conformists

My one cousin is really getting on my nerves.  He has this habit of always putting down my opinions.  Like my sister babysits some little cousins, and the parents asked if my sister would not go up into my cousins room after they took me up to their room.  Thats some dumb ****.  Come on, the girls are 6&7, and I am there cousins, and am not a *********.  So, my sister was mad about this, and explained how dumb it was.  My mom found this just as stupid.  However my cousin who is the same age as me did not see it that way.  He went on this whole rant about how it was a necessary percaution.  Then I spoke ill of TV censorship, and the groups who want to get rid of such shows as Family Guy.  He then tried putting down my opinion about how we need TV censorship because kids may get on those channels.  Another one who just because they dont like it, it should be illegal.  What a F'in right wing conformist.  UGH! I hate that so much.  But if someone really doesnt want their child to see that ****, thats fine, but its the parents responsibility to block out that ****, not the government or the networks.  This cousin is just some uptight cultural conformist.  He would probably give me crap for letting my sister throw a beer party and getting a bit smashed. 

Then there is my other cousin who pretty much goes by that "The government/Authority/Rules are always right" ideal.  Its so annoying.  He gives me crap about my religious views, and accuses me of calling anything authoritarianism that I dont agree with as "Right Wing". 

My first cousin used to be cool, but then just one day turned into some cultural conservative conformist.  Now he acts hes more mature than me just cause he is "Humble" enough to accept the wisdom of cultural standards to guide him than think for himself.  Its so damn annoying.  HES 21!  An unmarried college student turning into some do nothing cultural conformists.  Thats the age of individuality, not some rigid conformist.  Not to mention, I dont need someone who is just going to try forcing me to be some personalitiless cultural conformist.  Nor do I support the government when they do stupid things like make dumb laws. 

ratburn ratburn
Jul 22, 2010