Mom, I'm Feeling 'sick'

My sister and I have recently gotten close. We always used to fight like cats and dogs growing up and we used to drive each other mad. I even found a confession box of hers FILLED with how much she loathed me and that she wouldn't have cared if I disappeared. That was 15 years ago and that pretty much sums up our relationship up until recently.
Ever since we both have graduated university, we have gotten closer. So much so that we recently decided to move in together.
My sister has taken advantage of me everyday and today was the last straw. She claims she's been feeling sick and has stayed home from work the last couple of days. She's managed to leave snotty tissues behind everywhere and orange peels stuck to everything. I get it, you're sick, I can empathize. She's also been begging me and my boyfriend to get her a milk shake. She is NOT that sick. At most, she has the sniffles. Trying to be a good sister, I obliged. She drove me to get her a milkshake and it turned out they were out. Instead of thinking like a logical human being, she starts swearing at me and making it my fault. I told her to drive to another location and I would get one for her there. On the way there she had yet another spaz attack. This time, she kicked me out in front of our apartment knowing I didn't have keys to get back in, and made me wait in the rain for 30 minutes while she went and got her self organized. I am so furious at this whole situation. She has now locked herself in her bedroom because she's sick, with fast food.
P.S. she still claims, after all this, that she's too sick to get herself cold medication.
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Sounds like a psycopath . I think she may have been eating a poor diet for such a long time it has taken its toll , I say good luck to you.