I Have Health Anxiety Disorder.

 hi before i start i have to say that i'm 22 years old and perfectly healthy so for some of you this is gonna be hard to grasp. about a year ago i was diagnosed with health anxiety,which basically means that i worry about my health and the health of those i love to the point were it takes over my day to day life. it started about 3 years ago when i became pregnant, i was on my own and i became ill with a pregnancy condition called hyperemesis this means that u vomit day and night, i ended up at just 6 stone, and couldnt look after myself let alone a baby i made a decision and had an abortion. after that i started to become concerned about my health allot.  i thought i had a brain tumor i would get headaches and i would convince myself i was dying. i let it go on for a very long time constantly turning to my family and my boyfriend for reasurance that i was ok. eventually my mother told me that it was normal for a girl of my age to be so consumed by fear and anxiety about my health afterall common sense will tell u that ur perfectly fine but i was not thinking clearly. i decided it was time to go to the doctor when after a friend of my dads child died from menningitis i became so obsessed with checking my body for that rash that i was  checking up to 20 times a day. crazy i  know but i couldnt help it. i went to see my doctor and she was very understanding she spoke to me about why i felt this way and i found out that is common after an illness to become fearful of ill health. i'm now on medication and it seems to be working. i know some of you will say that im crazy but for those of you who have experienced this you'll know what im talking about. i feel so much better now that i'm taking my medication after all  the life i WAS living is no life for a HEALTHY 22 year old girl. and by the way the headaches i was getting were from yep u guessed it anxiety.

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I would go to LOADS of medical experts convinced there was and is something wrong with me.

I thought in the end ugh you cant even trust doctors! I need to see more.

And only recently ive thought, if i don't trust doctors, why am i still convinced to go to them. it was a good point and this thought has put a spanner in my works.

I got this health anxiety all starting from seeing my granddad in hospital with throat cancer. Ever since then, BOOM! It kicked in. :/

hi juliaa1,<br />
I know exactly how you are feeling. i too didnt believe my doc when she told me i was in perfect health. i even went for a second opinion on more than 1 occasion. has your doctor suggested any medication for you??? i am on lexapro at the moment, i had little or no side effects, but everyone is different. you shouldn't right off medication if you feel health anxiety disorder is affecting your day to day life. i also went to see a psychologist who specialises in H.A.D. she gave me lots of tips and ways to overcome my fears of disease/sickness, i told my gp i did not want to see a psychologist who would just go over my past as i knew this would not help me. have you any idea what may have triggered your H.A.D???? <br />

hi reddawn572..sorry i havent replied to u sooner as i havent been on here in quiet a long time...I am so sorry to hear you are goin thru this...u are very young and you should seriously consider seeing your GP and chatting with him/her about your options, I have been on medication called Lexapro for quiet a while now and i have to say they are working although i do have bad days. Lexapro is used for adolescents aswell so i reckon if your GP considers you to be suffering from health anxiety disorder they will help you.<br />
let me know how you get on..<br />

I have health anxiety. I usially worry about all types of cancer. It's almost an obsession, and I'm only 14. I know how you feel. <br />
(I'm not a stupid kid, and I have been to a doctor about it so I know what I'm talking about) ^-^

hi!! checked out your blog. we have allot in common. its an awful feeling. i dunno if ur christian and i know it may sound a bit weird but with regards ur feeling of having no control over things and have to except that fact my mum gave me a prayer its called serenity prayer::"god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to know the difference"dunno if it i'll help u in anyway. by the way ur blog is very funny keep up the good work. nice to know someone else out there is feeling the same way as me!! thanks a million!!! x

I've been dealing with health anxiety for 5 years! Check out my new blog: <br />