Slash is Awesome! I love GnR. I love Slash's book too. My fav. song is probably Nov. Rain.... I love his bluesy rock riffs. sexxxy :D

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YAY!! You like Slash!! Learnin' more and more about you. The hair...I know right...sexxyy;) Can't forget about the top hat! His bluesy/rock guitar licks...wooo<br />
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The book had was a page turner...his life is definitely worth writing a book about..

Yes it was on Use your illusion 1...<br />
What about they're latest chinese democracy?<br />
When I joined this group... I meant I DO have a appetite for destruction...Meaning... I like GnR. Not just the album in itself.<br />
<br />
If we are just talking on the appetite album I like Mr. Brownstone and My Michelle....Some of those songs are just played to death though... I have to be in a "certain mood" to listen to welcome to the jungle,sweet child o' mine and paradise city.<br />
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I LOVE "patience"

Wasn't that on a later album?<br />
I liked all of A4D & Lies. <br />
Nothin after..