From Many Different Voices Different Attitudes

I've got an attitude, in fact I have several. It all depends on what time of day, week, month or year that you catch me. Maybe something happens one day that changes my attitude from one to another. Cerebral Assassin - this is my working attitude more often than not. This is the attitude or persona that I tackle work with because at work, in the heat of the neverending battle in customer service - someone just has to be That Damn Good. Heartbreak Kid - One of my more playful and flirtatious attitude. When it is all on the line, that is when this man shines on the very greatest stage of them all. Dead Man Walking- Possibly one of the darkest, morbid and brutal of all of my attitudes/personalities - like the Scorpion that came before it, this attitude is not one to be trifled with and the fury of this persona while seemingly calmly controlled is only inches from the surface.

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