My Special Grandson

My grandson is now 7. He is still non-verbal. He is the sweetest and very loving. He is very happy most of the time. He and I share a very strong connection. He always showes emotion when he sees me.The one word he has never forgotten is "tickle",he loves to get in my big bed with all my pillows and get tickled.I pick him up from school every friday and he is always excieted to go with me to my house.

My heart aches when I think of his future.Its all so uncertain.I long to be able to have real communication with him.Is he funny?What does he want or like?What does his world hold for him?When he has his crying meltdowns what is at the root of them?what is so fun linning up like things?What does he think of his little brother?Does he enjoy school?Why can oranges make him so happy?

All their personality is closed off to you.When I watch him I wonder so much just what is going on in his mind.Sometimes he gets stuck and it can be minunts before we discover this he doesn't cry out,he rarely cries when he does get hurt.

Bottom line is This child holds my heart. I will love him ALLways.

DrPepper DrPepper
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2 Responses Mar 30, 2008

I too have a grandson that has autism. He is 4 now and my first grandchild. I am very lucky to see the world through his eyes. Sometimes his world is simple as he does power ranger stances or dresses like a fire fighter, other times it's complicated as he is melting down due to not being understood. Although, his speech is hard to understand he never mets a stranger. His smile and blue eyes rock my world. Each time he tries something new to eat, verbalizes an emotion or a melt down is shorter, I rejoice. He goes to different therapies 5 days a week and is progressing to become like his peers. Having a grandchild with autism does not take a special family, it makes a family special!

Thats a wonderfull story, and it is inspiration and hope for others!!!!!<br />
:-)<br />
~Best Wishes Allways!