With Christianity, Man. (how Is Nature Vs Nurture Even Relevent?)

I am what I am. I will start with that.

I do not believe that all things that happen in our environment are 1. Our fault. 2. Changeable or correctable.

a child cannot change or control his enviroment. if people are "made this way" by our parents then we are still blameless.

I do not believe being transgendered happened in my environment. I do not believe the fact that I have submissive fantasies is an aspect of my environment. And I do not believe that gayness and bisexuality are environmental (although I am neither)

I am switch, sexually. I identify as female and I oppose the idea that men should be the ones to rule the world. I oppose the idea of women having any lesser or even DIFFERENT roles than men. Women should be free to do whatever the hell they want. More over I prefer a partnership model of balance between the genders but if I Had to pick between patriarchy and matriarchy I would pick the latter. IT is less messed up I feel much like that scene in buffy when that one woman had the necklace that made buffy never come to Summerville and Giles got ahold of it and just before he smashed it she asked "What makes you think it will be better." and in horror he replies "Because it HAS to be." that is how I feel about our environment, and what makes it up. IT is completely upside down and, much of it has to do with the big three, the big three abramaic faiths. Yes you, I'm looking at ALL of you. You are the ones who took the fertility cults and the ones honoring the great mother and destroyed them and replaced them with your stupid gods. Women were revered at one point. The great mother... How I salute you still. Truly, I like Jesus. I do not like the father; I do not like the theology. At all. I would rescue Jesus from the bible.

I oppose the entire ideal of male control. Woman thou art GOD.
I am transgendered and while I can be dominating seek a partner who will be instead. I am change. Change is all I am.
I do not blame Christians or even the big three for ALL of the problems in the world. The world would still be ****** up without this blight on it, but it would take care of a great deal of the problems.  What was so wrong with loving your neighbor as yourself? And never killing anyone? And yet you fight these stupid wars, and you put so many to the sword; Sometimes merely for holding a different god.
Let it be known, my words spread to the wind that MIGHT DOES NOT MAKE RIGHT, and in fact more often than not makes WRONG. Those who we have wiped out, those who came before? They were usually the better men.
ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
May 23, 2012