America Hates You, Peter Brady!

Okay. So life's looking better to me. Time to make a What to do?

Hey! I know. I'll muck about with my EP profile page.

First thing: Let's choose another featured story. Find one that's a little more upbeat. Time to move on from the laments and feeling sorry for myself.

"It's time for a change", I thought.

Then suddenly...out of the comes. It slinks in...almost innocently...a stray lyric. Unidentifiable in it's lack of context..."what is that?", I ask.

I pause, think, ponder...then...I'm attacked! Without a hesitation it begins to flow in like sludge; vile, putrid, foul, and malodorous sludge. More lyrics, a melody, the offensive dissonant harmonies.

The disgusting ooze, ubiquitous now, siezing my consciousness and hijacking my awareness.

"When it's time to change, then it's time to change."

No! God please, not now...I was feeling happy.

"When it's time to change you've got to rearrange"

That voice! That strange, cracking, ear-splitting voice!

I am afraid that it may never leave.

The horror, the horror.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Na na na, na na na na na na na na na.....Thanks so it's stuck in my head too! lol :P

Great! Now it's back!'s Sha na na na na na na...Sha na na na na. (lightly sobbing and lamenting the terrible accuracy of the memory).

I had forgotten about the "Sha" got it baaaaad!! lol

mm-hmm...Tried distracting myself by singing The Banana Splits' theme I'm just hoping for severe tinitus.

Sorry...I know it's no laughing matter. I knew someone once who suffered from it. I don't mean to make fun of such a serious condition.

It's good that you can laugh about it. Maybe "making fun" was the wrong phrase, "making light" would be more accurate. Nice to meet you, Booklover510.

Thank you for being so gracious. My moniker derives from a local kids' show that I watched everyday when I was little. Bozo's Circus had a game where kids would toss ping-pong balls into buckets, with each bucket they hit (6, in all) the prizes would get bigger and better. I chose the moniker 'cuz I'm still trying to hit #6 - figuratively, of course.

Thank you! I'm trying every day. I hope we all get there.

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