i find it very easy to relate to anyone. i have an easy time talking and am not shy but, used to be. not now! i hope you all can feel free to come to me with anything you have i wont have a problem listening or answering whichever you want!

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3 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Me too. I'm not sure what brought it out to be honest, I always struggled with confidence but I got to a stage where I was super confident! I'm afraid it might come full circle though because as I am getting older and having different experiences I'm finding I'm a little less sure of myself!?! As for my feelings - I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve! You know what kind of day I am having just by looking at my face so it's difficult to hide how I feel! :-)

Me too - I was always classified as an introvert. I guess the older I got, I become very extroverted - except with my feelings.

I used to be really shy too, but not anymore either! I also find it easy to relate to most people/situations and if I know nothing of what someone has gone through I at least can listen and learn from it.