"I don't get Anorexics, It's So Ridiculous!!"

I'm 21 years old now. The older I get, the clearer I see my family for what they are.

Sometimes I wonder why I haven't told my mother about my ED, but suddenly it hit me. It's like this: My brother his mother in law is suffering from Anorexia, she is skin and bones. Let's call her "P"
P is 48 year old stereotype Anorexic. She's like how they picture Anorexics on TV

I was visiting my mother with my boyfriend yesterday, and all of the sudden I heard my mother talking to my boyfriend while I was standing in the kitchen. She was telling my boyfriend that her sister (my aunt) called my mom and told that P should be send to Africa so P would be sure she won't get ANYTHING to eat. My mom said that my aunt told her she would never understand people who don't want to eat anymore and that it's just ridiculous
 My mom just laughed while telling my boyfriend this story.
I looked normal on the outside but on the inside I was devastated

Seriously, it's so rude in my opinion to talk like that
I'm glad my boyfriend didn't say anything about the topic
Can you please tell me your opinion about this situation? (Whether you agree with me or not) It will really help me.

I'm more determined than ever to keep my ED a secret from my family
Nuella Nuella
26-30, F
May 5, 2012