What The Fudge Is Wrong With Me

There was once a time were i could eat whatever i wanted whenever i wanted, now its different. Now these strange dropping sensations keep occuring in my stomach area and food just isnt the same anymore. Its hard for me to explain but i can only eat small ammounts (1-2 bites)of food out a time because food is just unappealing. Sometimes i can eat more but usualy when do i am under the influence of large ammounts of cannabis. The only reason i do try to shove food down my throte is so my stomach will stop aching. Ive tried to just overcome it with my mind wich is somewhat useless. Do i just have to smoke out fat all day? It seems to be the only option, unless canabis is causing this wich i highly doubt. Oh yeah im also irratible to an extreme degree, (people looking at me makes me wana tell them to fudge off).
Is this an eating disorder or am i just being a weirdo?
Explosiv Explosiv
13-15, M
May 11, 2012