My Weird Diet.

I am bulimic and anorexic. Usually I'll go an entire day without eating, then the nexxt day I'll binge on all my cravings and throw it up. Sometimes I don't even force myself to purge. My body just does it, I think its used to the way I eat. I also eat when I'm out with my friends and they grab something to eat. They notice that I'm not eating and continually ask me questions or pressure me to eat. Once in a while my friends would say "What are you? Anorexic?" I don't tell them anything. I feel that what I do isn't a problem. I'm still healthy. Until the day I end up in the hospital for what I do, I will try to get help..but for now I'm ok. I don't like when people worry about me. Also, sometimes after I eat a snack or a meal i'd cut. Id cut to tell myself that its bad to eat. Also, to remind me of the pain I suffer from being fat and if I continue to eat I'll stay fat. People might say its weird and unhealthy..but its a normal thing for me. Idont care
gottabelou1D gottabelou1D
13-15, F
May 24, 2012