Eating Disorders/ My Life And Eating Disorders

Why do people get eating disorders?

IN my opinion, it has nothing to do with losing weight, but is to do with control, because food is one of the only things you can control in your life. You can choose to eat, or choose not to, but in reality it's a slow long drawn out suicide bid. The mortality rate is three out of ten anorexics will die is the highest rate among recognized mental disorders.


Once on this road it is very hard to come back from. Many people who start down the road of anorexia may only actually be a few pounds overweight. For me I was six pounds overweight when I started down the path of anorexia. In the beginning, I went on a normal diet, but the more I lost, the more I wanted to lose, I was only 14 years old at the time, I used to exercise excessively - 4 to 5 hours a day - and gradually I stared to take laxatives.

At my worst I was taking three hundred laxatives a day and I was told ten years later that if I took any more I would see my GI Tract fail and end up with a Colostomy Bag. Even though I don't have a bag now, my bowel is ******, I am in constant agony from my stomach, and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.


I also used t make myself sick, at worst twenty five times a day. By the time I was 25, because of making myself sick, I had lost all bar five of my teeth. Each time you vomit, the acid from your stomach strips a little of the enamel from your teeth.

At my worst, I was also weighing myself fifty times a day, every time I ate, ****, pissed vomited or exercised, I also at my worst the most I would eat would be three apples, without the skin. I was sectioned at 15 into hospital where I was force fed by a NG Tube. I would weigh my clothes before I weighed myself.


Even though I eat normally right now, I know that it would be very easy for me to slip right on back, I think that once you have had an eating disorder, you are ever really free of it. I think those people with eating disorders never have a normal relationship with food even though right now I eat normally, I hate my body, the way I look, I hate food, and it could be quite easy for me to not eat another meal.

If you are someone who has just started t have a problem with an eating disorder, get help now before it is too late - for me, I think I will never recover, also get help before you wreck your body physically. At my worst, some of my organs began to fail, it's really important to get help sooner or later and anyone in the grip of this horrible illness, I hope you get the peace you deserve.

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i agree that it has less to do with weigh worries and more with anxiety,stress,hardships,exposed to violence,sexually or physically abused,perfectionist the list keeps on rolling but it really is all in the head...its unfortunate that beautiful young girls are trapped in the cycle of bulimia or another eating disorder

yes u right honey