She Can't Stop ~ But Why

my sister is constantly eating her *** food she says she wants to be 200 pounds but she is only 16 and she is over eating alot she said its a gaining thing she is doing to see how fat she can get i just don't get it what is with people in stuffing food down there damn throat just to gain some damn weight and she is getting fatter everyday yesterday she popped out her jeans and she was smiling and still eating she was a 3 in jeans now she a 5 and going up please HELP!

please i want to help her but i don't know how
123unhappyrefrian 123unhappyrefrian
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your sister needs JESUSS

Only a 3? And a 5? Okay, wow, yeah, thin people are 3s and 5s. I'm inferring she must be pretty short, to be almost 200 pounds and yet a 5.

no she is still gaining she wa a 3 but poped out her jeans into a 5 now those too i think she is almost a 7

How tall is she?


Yeah, 7 as a 5'2'' and 7 as a 5'8'' are a little different, as I was saying she's probably shorter. Makes more sense now...

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Don't. Just let her live her life the way she wants to.

no i can not let her kill herelf like that

Well then you're just seeming like that creepy sister who tries to control others lives. I would suggest that you just leave her alone and let her doctor tell her what will happen to her and then see if she still wants to.