Forever Fat

i'm fat and worthless i want to look like the girls in the magazines so skinny and beautiful but i just can't everyone tells me that i look good but i just don't feel beautiful and i'm unhappy
imjustdepressed imjustdepressed
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lol girls..... im sorry I hate to break it to you! but you are all beautiful. stop trying to lose weight that you dont need to lose! as long as you dont weigh 200 your good to go. if you guys ever need to vent to someone let me know!

I feel the same way! It's absolutely heartbreaking to feel so ugly.
The worst part is when I'm complaining about my body, or being self conscious about it, and my skinny friends look at me like I'm stupid and say "you're not fat."
Like wtf -.- you weigh 105, dont tell me I'm not fat.

and when your super skinny friend say "omg i'm so fat" and i'm like wth ?

ughhhhhh I hate that. Or even worse, when they WANT to gain weight! and they're all like 'Look at my stomach!" and you have to pretend to be happy -__-

My best friend is perfect, model tall and model skinny, she has never weighed a pound over 120, which is something I wish I could be. I come over to her house after two days of eating almost nothing, and she says "Ugh I'm so fat... let's go to McDonald's to forget about it." She eats so much junk food and never gains an ounce. She has never understood how I feel and no one ever will, and I have to pretend like it never bothers me. I want to look like her and have her happy life that she doesn't see that she has. You know?

i knowwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate that so much , i'm like shut the **** up!!!


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