I Have An Eating Disorder

To all of you out there dealing with a bunch of fat people telling you that they wish they had your problem: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It's really hard to tell some one that you are trying to GAIN weight. Everyone laughs at you. It's so socially acceptable to tell some one "wow, you are SO SKINNY!" Would you make the same comment to someone else: "Wow, you are so fat"? I struggle with my weight every day. I am anerexic. Please don't tell me how skinny I am I am trying real hard to gain weight. It's a real struggle for me.

msannmadden msannmadden
46-50, F
1 Response Sep 14, 2012

I admire you work trying it is a hard road but it is worth it getting better. There is a chance some of these people stuggle to they may have disorered eating but they are eating and eating to feel how others make themselves feel by not eating.