I Feel So Out Of Control!

I binge almost everyday, I try not to! But it’s like I can’t stop myself… Today I ate 5 cookies and half of a hamburger. I feel like the fattest cow on earth! I was only supposed to eat a piece of pumpkin loaf today, and that was it! But I couldn’t stop myself! And I can’t for the life of me, make myself throw up. I mean I crammed my fingers so far down my throat that I felt the separation of my wind pipe and my esophagus, but I couldn’t make myself puke! God I hate my body! Some people say you have to eat a lot and a lot of food, and that makes it easier to throw up. And I want to yell at them, and what if I still can't throw up, and then I gain like 5 pounds?!?! It’s bad enough that I’ll probably gain 0.5 pounds because of what I ate today.

I need some advice on how to stop binging.... (Or how to purge)....
ABetterMe1Day ABetterMe1Day
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3 Responses Sep 21, 2012

Realistically, purging will not help you be thin and neither will binging. Know that you can be healthy and beautiful. Seek help. Confide in others. I also have an eating disorder. Maybe we can overcome this together?

I try to stay away from sugary foods, I feel like I just want more and more and more if I start eating them. The healthier I eat, the better I feel too. Raw foods have low calories and I feel satisfied more so I binge less. But it's way harder to do than it is to say. :/

I'm the same with binging, It's almost like i go into a trance while I'm eating.. then afterwards I'm like.. **** :/ the only thing that makes me feel a little better is thinking that I can start again tomorrow, so just try and cut down on what you eat the next day and exercise, hope this helps(: x