I Want To Hear Your Story

Hello everyone, I have read all your stories and think you are all amazing and brave girls.
I work in the health and fitness industry, I have seen so many girls literally killing themselves to get skinny, but where do we stop, and how do we get help? I am looking for some one who doesn't want help, is happy with what they're doing and would come forward and tell me their story for a sensitive documentary.

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I just posted my story, let me know what your looking for and maybe I can help.

If I add you as a friend on here and i will give you my email address

Ok i think we could do something together and could help you do you have a telephone number and an email address? thanks

EDNOS stands for "eating disorder not otherwise specified". It means that although you have an eating disorder, you don't meet the criteria for things like anorexia or bulimia. For instance, with me, I go through episodes of binging and purging, and so could have been diagnosed with bulimia, but since I go through restrictive periods of not eating or eating little like anorexics, I don't meet the criteria for either, and am not of a low weight, so am in an unspecified category. It is something not very well known, especially here in the uk, so am not surprised you didn't know about it which is fine :) no one in my family knows about it though, apart from my sister, who I don't think takes my situation seriously sometimes. But yeah, that's my situation and the ins an outs of it briefly.

This might have been something I would have considered, but for documentaries things always have to be powerful, look shocking, so your probably after the emaciated looking pople such as anorexics to come forward. Yes I have an eating disorder, but I'm not anorexic, nor am I bulimic, I am classed as EDNOS, so I'm not skinny, I'm in th near overweight category, I'm not your typical disordered person, but I'm not the only person out there like this. So, just saying, if that's the kind of stuff your after, be specific about it and ask for only those people. If I am wrong I apologise.

Hey, thanks for the reply. That isn't something I have come across before, are you in the states or the UK? Could maybe do something on EDNOS if you are willing?

Could you tell me a bit more about your situation and symptoms, if you wouldn't mind?