They Told Me The Mirror Lied To Me, But They Lied To Me

I faught for so long trying to lose the weight. And I was sick for so long before anyone even realized. All the more reason to make myself throw up, right? My neighbor told my dad he saw me throwing up outside and my dad put me into recovery ASAP. I was put on medicine and told that there were programs avalible to help me, distract me, and not make me feel so alone. I got better. I heard from teachers and friends and family "You look good!" All the time. And It was comforting. But then I realized that was just something they said to keep me from getting sick again. Now I'm a solid 130, and five five and I will not be satisifed until I'm done to one hundred. I don't know how to get motivated. It's so hard.
thinspo715 thinspo715
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

ur bf will help u he can motivapte u