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I can't really say when my own eating disorder started. I had some odd eating habits, like I avoided eating with anyone that I didn't have a close relationship with (even in 1st grade!) and that continued until my boyfriend of 4 months in high school asked me why I had never eaten in front of him... I hoarded food under my bed, I would walk my food garbage to the dumpster 3 blocks down so no one would know how much I ate, I binged at work, at school, I was always eating. Basically all of this was Binge Eating Disorder until senior year of high school when I decided to start working out to combat all of my eating. Sophomore of college I was still working out like crazy and had started making some even crazier restrictions. In January of my Soph year, I went vegan and took on the fight for animals. While I do believe strongly in animal rights and maintain a vegetarian diet, I'd be lying to myself if I said that I went vegan for anything other than the hope of losing weight. This led to even crazier binging, to where I never ate when it wasn't a binge. I soon discovered juice fasts, starvation, and extreme diets, then discovered purging. I finally told my doctor about my purging because it freaked me out that I couldn't even control the decision of whether or not to throw up my meal...Now I'm 20 years old and studying in Paris for a year and I'm continuing my recovery through the internet and I'm planning to join an Over Eaters Anon group in Paris. I'm also in training (and trying to eat normally) for a Semi-Marathon in Madrid so I can prove to myself that I actually am capable of completing something without my self-esteem or my bad eating habits getting in the way!
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Hi I had annorexia bulimia for ten years I starved myself for a husband who never loved me . Now I'm 40 and getting dentures for half my teeth I had 11 removed vomiting four times a day well prob x 10 a day ruined my teeth. Abuse of lads means that my bowel will never work properly again without help. My bones also sufffered I have the bones of a 60 yr old. I know its hard but you need help. If u need someone to talk to I'm here