It Started Back In High School

I had baby fat until I was 18 and I hated it. At 16 I had a very abusive boyfriend who got me pregnant and I had an abortion. I felt like everything was out of my hands. At first I had no appetite and I figured it was from stress and depression. Soon I noticed changes in my body from not eating. Then it became "my thing". I would eat one small thing a day and then 2 miles in the heat. I was below 100 pounds and I loved it until I decided I was hungry and this was ridiculous.

In October of this year, I was raped and once again I wasnt eating due to the emotional turmoil. Soon enough I turned it into my game again, and was seeing how little I could eat, and how long I could stand the hunger pains. Im hovering around 100 pounds, and hoping to gain 20 pounds in hopes that my figure returns.
tmarker86 tmarker86
26-30, F
Dec 10, 2012