What is everyone's LTG here?

I actually got below Mine today!
alabastardragon alabastardragon
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i dont care if they think i look funny. do you think i look funny?

Hmm my long term goal.... i dont know.... maybe 35 kg ( 77 lbs).. i probably wouldnt make it though. so maybe 37 or 38 kg (81lbs)<br />
i dont seem to be losing weight very fast.

guys might think you look funny if you are so thin though!
sincerely, a stranger.

My LTG is to be between 100-110lbs

Yes, feeling healthy is important. I dont feel healthy anyway, due to various other issues so it isnt a factor with Me. :-(

Long term goal is the ultimate weight goal you have.. people usually have an STG or short term goal which is nearer to the weight they are now. its not therapy no.. its the weight you're aiming to get to. However that takes.

Long Term goal