MIA. I'm a Mia. I need to be slim

each morning i promise myself to hate food. to be anorexia... but then each day i eat, not only that, i eat a lot, like it's the last time i can ever eat.
then, i'll feel guilty. .. next, it's bathroom time. i'm puking it out.
sometime i can puke it out, sometime it just not gonna happen..
it's been a month like this.
i did this coz hate myself since i already gained 5 KILOs in 3 months (not POUNDS, BUT KILOS!)
now i'm thinkking about  this ipecac.. anybody know about this medicine ? or tried it before ??

I need to lose 8 kilos. I just have to. i need to slim cos i hate being fat in this world. people just refuse to look or give a damn to the fat one. The fat people are huge yet people look away from them as if they dont exist.
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i agree- do not USE it... it is so bad for you as well!<br />
:(<br />
<br />
good luck with everything :)

bulimia has already started to ruin my social life and i can feel my stomach killing me every second of the day. it hurts to bend over. my throat burns for hours after purging, and a gallon of water doesn't make it go away.<br />
dont take ipecac it can kill you! i feel scared my teeth, they have been perfectly straight and white all my life without braces or white strips, are going to rot. then people will find out and it will all be over. i have lost 15 pounds because of my eating disorder but i still feel worthless and fat. even if i weigh 50 pounds i know i will still feel fat. my life sucks right now and i have spent nights thinking of ways to kill myself. then i will never be a fashion designer like i have wanted to be since i was 5.

First of all things: do not, i repeat, DO NOT use ipecac. It really is deadly. You honestly could die from it, first use. So really, don't even think about it you guys! I'm extremely serious in saying this. <br><br />
<br><br />
Second thing: sammy, jealous of anorexic people? I am anorexic. Been anorexic all my life. And let me tell you it sucks as badly as bulimia does. I've got more health problems than i can handle because of it. It has ruined my life in more ways than i ever thought possible. Been in treatment centers, hospitalized, relapsed... the whole works. Teeth get completely ruined by anorexia as well did you know that? <br><br />
<br><br />
All eds are disorders. All disorders ruin you. Whether it's anorexia, bulimia, ed-nos or coe. It's hard for everyone.<br><br />
What we all need is to start loving ourselves for who we are, at whatever weight we are. We need to learn to eat to live, and not use it as an emotional coping mechanism. I wish i had the 'magic' answer for you thinjustfabulous, but i unfortunately don't... There is no 'magic' answer. But please trust me and do not use ipecac ok? Pm me if you ever need any help or support. <br><br />
You want to loose weight? Do it in a healthy way please. You need to learn to take care of yourself first of all. Love yourself. You deserve it. Take it one day at a time and be kind to yourself is all i can say right now.

Other than that, i know what you're going through. Im in that rut right now too :'(

hey, i feel your pain.but i wanted to tell you, do not use ipecac syrup! thats some serious stuff.it can kill you very easily.so dont use it hun.the more you try to make yourself purge, the easier it will be.not that im encouraging it, but i guess it's better than using ipecac syrup.

i'm so sorry - binge eating is the worst feeling ever. especially when your throat is raw and you know that it isn't coming up any more, that it'll sit in your stomach and digest and continually be a reminder of your failure and you'll have to carry it around with you until you can starve the fat off eventually. that's the worst part about losing weight. it's basically inaction. you can't DO anything about it. except not eat. one must basically wait for time to pass and one's body to change. <br />
it almost rationalized bulimia as opposed to anorexia because at least one has taken action on their part, but truly bulimia is scarring in so many ways. i've never heard of ipecac, but i take topmax for migraines. it's an anti-seizure medication (that somehow works for migraines), and also works as an appetite suppresant. I take 150 mg a day, which is an above average dose, but let me warn you - it has A LOT of side effects. I have also heard that adderall for ADHD is also a very effective appetite suppressant and supposedly Paris Hilton and all the Hollywood celebs are on it now. <br />
I hope everything works out!

stop purging and take a fat burner I recommend<br />
<br />
http://applepatchdiet.com/kl77851<br />
<br />
No side effects

I want to tell you something uplifting and hopeful, but I would only be lying to the both of us.<br />
I read your story and I felt like someone had jumped into my mind and written exactly whats going on in my life right now.<br />
I'm sorry that you are going through this. I don't know how to make this better and I guess I'm a little afraid for the both of us.<br />
*hugs*<br />
I hope that you have someone who you can talk to though...but know that you aren't alone ok...not that its any consolation but I understand, and I can relate.

The inner pain you feel is real, its as real as any phisical pain but hidden from view. I hope you are getting help with this problem, there is help and it does work<br />
Take care of your self

I have bulimia as well. I am jealous of people who are anorexic. I long for that self control. I am scared that my teeth are going to rot. I have never tried ipecac but have thought about it.