...and I Am Still Overweight

I am obsessed with putting food into my mouth. I haven't even finished chewing my first bite before I am thinking about the next. I am also thinking about how much I will need to throw up after I am done eating. I stay up later than I want to so that no one will hear me puking. I feel so disgusting. I don't understand why I can't control this part of my life. I wish I didn't think about my weight every minute of every day.
sammy sammy
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 12, 2007

I have an eating disorder too. I always kept it secret, I only ever told two people. I feel ashamed too. And it drives me nuts that I think about my weight so much, and how much I should or shouldn't eat, and worry about gaining weight. You're not alone!

check with your doctor....about why u don't feel full and what you can do about it.....