I Don't Understand...what Happened?

I used to weigh only 80 something pounds...now I am overweight.  How did I go from being anorexic and bulimic to being bulimic and so fat?  I obsess about food but instead of refusing it like I used to now I can't control myself.  Is there anyone out there just like me?  I want to be 100 pounds again, which is okay for my height, as I'm only 5 foot.  What do I do? I'm stuck between starving myself and binging.  I don't know how to diet right, and I don't want to "diet".  It's all or nothing with me.  I guess what I need is ideas to cut down and not cut out.  I know the rules of dieting but I know I won't follow them....I'm stuck..does anyone identify with me?
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I know how you feel... I used to be 64 lbs then I was force fed at a treatment center and now I'm up to 130 lbs. (I'm 5'4") FAT.<br />
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What am I doing wrong?

yea!!! you can do it if you just put your mind to it. if you really want it tohappen first you must beleveyou can do it,and then, go forit,., you can doit, think positive,.,<br />
love and light, xx

Hiya hon, I can sympathesize with you! I was 99 pounds, then I ballooned up to 208 in an unhappy marriage. I told myself that i REFUSED to let him bring me down like that and I took control back, started "dieting" again, and have since lost 80 pounds. You can do it, you just have to start TODAY. No excuses, just do it! I'll help, if you'd like me to.

I think if you feel the compulsion to obsess over food, you could do worse than obsess over it with accuracy and precision, in a way that will cut fat and rebuild any muscle that you've lost by dieting. (Muscle to burn more fat, of course, not to get bulky, which is virtually impossible for most women in any case). My favourite resource for ACCURATE obsessing (ie what I'm currently using to lose fat) is the ebook from www.burnthefat.com Ultimately though, I think what really needs to happen is to find a new place to direct your focus.

You have the philosophy right, cut down, not out. Its been shown that when craving something, if you try to replace it with some diet substitute you are more likely to eat the substitute, still have the craving, then go eat more of what you are craving, and consume more overall, than if you just went and got what you wanted in the first place! They say the best diet is to eat what you want (and just eat the real thing, no low fat subs), eat high calorie foods in moderation, and stop eating when you are full. I know its not as easy as it sounds, but not obsessing over what you are eating is the first step towards a healthy relationship with food.