I've Had Anorexia Since I Was 16

And I'm just barely 30 now. I'm 5'4" and my highest weight was 160 lbs (after they force fed me at my last treatment center).  My lowest weight was 64 lbs.  I wish I was back there so  bad.  I'm not doing that well right now.  I mean, everything looks okay to people on the outside, but they don't know.  I'm trying  to lose weight and I'm back down to about 130, give or take.  As I get older, my old methods aren't working as well.  And the people I live with have caught onto my game and watch me like hawks.  They won't put up with my lies and crap.  I just want to get to 64 lbs again...

Licorice Licorice
31-35, F
3 Responses Jul 22, 2007

Do you wanna DIE!!?? 64!!!! NOT EVEN 10 YEAR OLDS WEIGH SO LITTLE!!!! listen to the doctor and friends and family

OH honey!!! You and I have SO MUCH in common! I stgarted when I was 16, too... I am now 30. I am 5'5"...my old methods, too, fail me. Friends and family watch me like a hawk... I gained 14 pounds over the summer, so I am back up to 134 right now. So frustrating! E-mail me and we can talk some more!!! Please!

omg, please dont abuse your poor body! 160 is probably too much, but please pick a healthy goal! If you get down to 64 again it might kill you! I'm sure the people around you are trying to help you, they want you to live!