Dying Ember

I have had an eating disorder for 16 years.  I have spent 3 years in in-patient treatment with out any breaks between them I have spent time on my own trying to recover.  I hate my disorder.  I hate the life it gives me.  I hate what it steels from me.  I hate the lies it tells me.  I hate it. I hope one day I will finally be rid of it.  I hope one day I can kill it and watch it die like it watched me die... and smile just like it did.

sacredvision sacredvision
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

good luck in your fight lovely I know its possible I just get frustrated sometimes.

I've had an eating disorder for 15 years and I feel for you. There aren't any treatment centres where I live and I can't afford to fly out of state, so I'm trying to fight it with counseling and my own discipline. I know that hatred you feel... it sucks away everything without remorse. It's a dark trap that gets ahold of you and demands more and more of you. Good luck in your fight.