My Tiny Eating Disorder

Okay so i was realy depressed over this boy that i didnt even love,,(has something to do w/ some other personailty disorders) but i was so frustrated with not being able to control my feelings that i wanted to feel some kind of control.. so i started controlling my weight! i would only eat like little peices of lunch meat,, drink lots of water! i wrote everything i ate down on here,,, bu yeah i only lost 2pouds,,, and i stopped because my depresson went away! because i started a new job! but yeah that my little story i know its nothing serious compared to otheres story! but it was a start of sometjing big,, glad i stopped.... i also remeber looking threw magazines looking at the models i was so thinspired!!!!!
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 11, 2007

Nice story :)