So basically i have an eating disorder and i think my teacher was figuring out that i had one and i need to know if you guys think that he started to figure it out or not.
At lunch time i used to go in my one teachers room (everyone did), and i never ate in there. Well one day my teacher made me eat a little something that he got for me from home. The next day i told him how i can afford lunch and its just that i
choose not to eat. Then he started to tell me how "i need the calories and in order to lose weight i need to eat healthy and exercise." Well after that happened they were numerous times where he would basically force me to eat, like i would refuse it but he wouldn't give up on giving the food to me until i took it even if it took a while. One day he offered me two different foods and told me to take one. I refused and he told me to take one or else he would make me take both of them. So i took one.
Long story short, i think he figured out i had an eating disorder, but i need you peoples opinion. Do you think he figured out that i have an eating disorder?
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I think he has, yes