I'm Full, No I'm Not!

 Every time I'm at a restaurant all I do is eat, I'm the one who racks up the bill. people stare at me as I scarf down my food like a big, fat, ugly pig. I hate the way I look because I am very very fat. I always cry about my weight but I can't stop!!!! 

Darkhelena1 Darkhelena1
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 17, 2009

I have battled the same problem. But now it only occurs when I am really stressed. I have been compulsive eatting all day....no... I lied...for the past couple of days. I just found out that I have a disorder and my aunt died. Then I was taken off work for a month. I am really frustrated. I am on steorids which they said will make me gain weight. Gain weight?!! Thanks.... <br />
I know how you feel and the embarassment that comes along with being overweight. It took me what seems to be an eternity to get to the point where I can not compulsively eat everyday. Please feel free to contact me when ever you need to vent. I am here.