Anna And Mia

they have been there for me when i needed them

and even when i didnt

i once left them, but i could not live without them

i could not live without their warmth, kindness, guidence, knowlege

i simply could no leave them

but as days turned to months, i learned

i learned that life still can be lived, even without them

i could still be 'happy'  and continue on

i would still be loved

so here i am

anna-less and mia-less

they are no longer with me

but our memories will always be imprinted in my mind

plagued0g plagued0g
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 9, 2010

it was hard<br />
at first i faltered<br />
and when i did, it was bad<br />
but i had to figure out how to rely on my friends<br />
they were always there for me <br />
and alwalys will be<br />
and most importantly how to rely on my self<br />
by (litteraly hours) of therapy<br />
and by learning that i have to open up<br />
that its ok to feel down <br />
and cry<br />
and be alone<br />
but know that it wont be like that forever<br />
and that there will be happy days