I Get Dirty Looks Or Comments When I Eat.

I must look like a COW.


(Above is a picture of me in my wedding dress taken this past Summer. We got married in 2002, that is 7 yrs prior and the dress still fits. It hasn't been altered and isn't the least bit snug.)

“What was that ?” I ask my husband “That was my heart having a heart attack.” My husband responds. You’d think I was cooking bacon and sausage or fried chicken and French fries.   In reality I’m making a Chicken Broccoli Casserole that feeds 10, consisting of brown and wild rice, chicken, broccoli, fat free sour cream, reduced fat and low sodium cream of chicken soup, low fat mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and a half-cup of mayonnaise.  Apparently the mayonnaise is a no-no in his book of foods to eat. From the sound he made you’d think I looked like a cow.  The reality is I’m 5’3 and weigh 110 lbs. I’ve weighed about the same for the past 10 years.  I don’t have a high metabolism; I work my butt off to look this good.  I used to be into body building and would work out 2 hours a day at Gold’s Gym, but cut that out when we got married and I felt the need to save money.  My workouts slimmed down to using the stair stepper at home almost daily and I cut down on my calorie intake. Instead of eating to bulking up I went back to a healthy diet of maintaining.   I still rarely drink soda because I heard the carbonation isn’t good for building muscles. I may not be pumping iron like I used to but, I would like to keep what little I have.

A couple of years ago my husband got into healthy eating and works out regularly. He lost around 60lbs and looks great.  Over time he become a food snob.  I am happy for him and his improved health, but don’t appreciate his snide comments on what I choose to put into my body.   When I was into bodybuilding and he wasn’t going to the gym, I didn’t nag him to work out.  When he drinks soda I don’t make a peep.  And every time he drinks alcohol I don’t make choking sound to remind him how bad it’s for him.

I’m happy to say I’m back going to the gym. My husband’s gym partner flaked and unlike me who is motivated to go on my own, he needs someone to go with.  I found a good deal for the gym and we worked it out in our budget.  I now accompany him at 5am.  It’s not easy getting up at 4:45 each morning and takes a lot of discipline for me to go to bed early.

 I have no problem if I make a meal and he chooses not to eat it, but I’d appreciate it if he’d keep his snide comments and sounds to himself. As I was the one that educated him on food, he should be aware  that I am fully aware of the health factors of what I eat.

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Thanks for your positive comments.

You look fabulous, I love your dress, and don't listen to anyone.