Music: Such a huge part of my childhood...

I enjoy listening to all kinds of music.  I don't ever really bother about what genre or era of music I "should" be listening to.  If I like it I will listen to it. 

I was born in the mid-1970s, into a family that loved music - from the kids, to the parents, to the grandparents.   None of us able to play a note, but music was constantly being played - if we weren't actually playing records and tapes (CDs were not invented yet), the radio was on.  If not the radio, then the TV was on tuned to some music show.

My grandparents' record collection consisted of big band music, early jazz, classical tenors and operatic sounds, but they also had a few "modern" bands and singers too.    Also being a traditional Scottish family their record collection consisted of the traditional Scottish singers, and bagpipe bands etc (yes, I do mean Andy Stewart and the like.  That's the music they grew up listening to in the 1930s and 1940s, and it meant a great deal to them).  I spent a lot of time with my grandparents and so absorbed a lot of music from those genres and eras. 

My parents also had a lot of LPs and singles, that they were quite happy to let us kids listen to as well.  They had a small collection - from the big names like Sinatra, The Beatles, Elvis to the lesser known British bands and singers from the 1960s  (I seem to remember a lot of Helen Shapiro singles). 

I also remember my Dad's 8-track cassette machine and his handful of cassette tapes - Queen, Barbara Streisand, Bread, The Stylistics!!!  I inherited this machine when my Dad got fed up with it starting to eat some of the tapes.  I remember the tapes that survived were a bit warped, and the songs would sound a bit wonky and weird - which was great fun to an 8 year old!!!

As for me, I actually do remember a lot from the tail-end of the 1970s and the music that was around at the time - from the disco, to glam-rock, to the punk sound.  Then the ska styles that developed, and on into the 1980s when the new romantics appeared on the scene, the new synth-pop bands, and then the 80s "alternative" indie and goth bands and the metal bands like Iron Maiden.     It all seems so commonplace now, and perhaps a little silly (some of them) - but back then it was all so fresh and new - especially to us kids.

I remember every week the family would tune into Top of the Pops and take note of the new bands, the new sounds, the new styles.  I even remember watching The Old Grey Whistle Test before they stopped making that show (why did they stop it?).  Also the Saturday morning kids TV shows with silly interviews with the bands/artists.  I also remember every week us kids going to the newsagent and picking up the latest issue of the music magazines of the day  "Look In", and "Chart Hits", and then "Smash Hits".  These magazines were great - glossy photos and posters of all the bands, interviews, the song lyrics of the top hits.  I remember my sister and I would memorise the songs we liked, and sometimes cut out photos and snippits of stories into a scrapbook so we could "collect" everything we liked.

I suppose, over the years, I have never lost that enjoyment of music.  I have carried it with me through all the styles and genres that have come and gone.  As well as continuing to listen to and research music from earlier eras, I am constantly checking out new bands, new artists, new songs.   I have no intention of doing anything else.  I am happy that my ipod is full of such a mix of sounds, all genres and eras are represented.

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Hehe, yes still have them but alas they are in boxes in the garage. Don't really have a space for them indoors at the moment. :{ <br />
<br />
Although we now have most of the same music on CD etc so don't actually need to have the records. We'll keep them though.

Thanks, it is a bit of a mish-mash. :)

Nice eclectic background!