I Never Stopped Wetting The Bed

It's true, I have never been able to control my bladder while asleep. I'm nearing 50, and I wet the bed almost every night. As a kid I got teased for being a bedwetter, but that teasing eventually eased up, because who would believe an adult could still be a bedwetter. I certainly thought and sincerely hoped it would stop, but by about age 18 I had to accept it wasn't going to. I started to feel better about myself, but to this day only my wife knows about it.

The last couple years I've also started wetting myself in the daytime, so now wear a diaper all the time, but that's somehow not as embarrassing as the bedwetting.

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1 Response Jun 25, 2013

Its wonderful you have been able to accept your Bedwetting over the years and to make adjustments to manage it, while also keeping it secret from all but your wife.