Ooooopppssss...... I Didnt Mean To

One day I was home alone bored and horny my wife was at a friends house. I was trying to intice her to come home. So I sent her a text telling her that I knew it was wrong for me to text her (her friend just found out her husband was banging her best friend). I got no reply so i sent a second message telling how if she walked through the door right now i would pull her skirt up and rip the crotch of her panties out and eat her ***** until she begged me to **** her untl she passed out. I quickly followed that with an SMS message of my hard **** leaking pre ***. I still didnt get a reply about 20 minutes later. I get a phone call from my mother in law. I thought nothing of it since we were going to visit her that weekend. When I answered the phone she said now I know why my daughter married you. I was confused I was like and why is that she told me that is the most beautiful **** I have ever seen and you are very descriptive with how you would want to please a woman but you are married to my daughter. I had to inform her that those messages were meant for her daughter. See my mother in law is listed in my phone as Sarahs Mom. I accidentally fat fingered it on my touch screen and sent it to my mother in law instead. we agreed to keep it our little secret. When we went to visit that weekend my mother in law kept starring at my crotch intensly but would look away when she saw me catch her.
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a little follow up my in-laws were here for a visit and my mother in law left her phone in the kitchen over night when i couldnt sleep i went in the kitch and saw it so i started digging and since i a good with electronics i found a secret folder in her blackberry and low and behold there was the picture i sent her by mistake. i dont want to get to crazy but am thinking of sending her another one.

now she seen your **** on cell phone she wants to see it up front an suck it maybe<br />
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my embrassing moment is when i was in shower mind you i am lock in chastity<br />
i came out of shower dry off walk out to living room naked an my wife an hertwo gfs sittin gchatting<br />
she did not tell them about my lock status but they know now